Dancing In Two Realms (Black and White Version)

Dancing In Two Realms (Black and White Version)
Genre: Inspirational Memoir
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 356 pages
ASIN: 1516861086
ISBN: 9781516861088
"Dancing in Two Realms is a beautiful, honest, love story. Anne Marie's way with words makes for delightful storytelling. I felt as if I were walking alongside her, experiencing her journey step by step. The love she felt for her husband while he walked this earth is tangible throughout the story, as is the love she continues to experience to this day. Love knows no boundaries." – Christine A. Krahling, Independent Writing Professional, Writer's Digest Award-Winning Writer
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About the Book

“Dancing in Two Realms is a moving account of the experience of serious illness, death, grieving and spiritual presence. I have long been acquainted with Anne Marie’s competence, her courage, her honesty and loyalty. I had no idea she could write so beautifully and subtly. After Tim’s death she was lost in grieving and then tripped, stumbled evolved toward a seeing, a way of thinking and engaging with the dance in the other realm. The dancing is a celebration of love outside the arbitrary constraints of time or reason. Her consciousness expressed in her writing had a moving effect on my consciousness. When you think about it virtually all experience is outside of reason. The story is about profound love and identity and creative apperception of experience. At times she aches with desperation and aloneness, but throughout the course of her story she finds so many important others who share these experiences with her. The sharing is deeply gratifying and enriching.”

-David V. Keith

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