All of my Amazon reviews have been stellar, the majority are Five Stars!   

-Heartbreaking to Heart Opening, Dancing in Two Realms is a must-read if you question loss and afterlife.  “Anne Marie knows death, intimately. With the fast paced loss of her beloved soul mate and husband, Tim, she begins down an amazing path of sorrow, agony, awareness, light and love. Opening every door available to better understand her heartache, she learns of signs and receives communications that give new meaning to the word “afterlife.” Meeting with both traditional and non-traditional healers they help her gain knowledge of those beyond our reach. Or are they? Her path is heartbreaking, but her heart remained open to whatever was brought to her. With the wisdom she gathered, her memoir brings to the reader the possibility of compassionate hope. Like an old soul or sage she shares her incredible journey in this emotional telling of eternal love.”

Experiential and Spiritual Intricacies. “Dancing in Two Realms is a moving account of the experience of serious illness, death, grieving and spiritual presence. I have long been acquainted with Anne Marie’s competence, her courage, her honesty and loyalty. I had no idea she could write so beautifully and subtly. After Tim’s death she was lost in grieving and then tripped, stumbled evolved toward a seeing, a way of thinking and engaging with the dance in the other realm. The dancing is a celebration of love outside the arbitrary constraints of time or reason. Her consciousness expressed in her writing had a moving effect on my consciousness. When you think about it virtually all experience is outside of reason. The story is about profound love and identity and creative apperception of experience. At times she aches with desperation and aloneness, but throughout the course of her story she finds so many important others who share these experiences with her. The sharing is deeply gratifying and enriching.

Bravely shares the hardest details of the loss of her husband as well as the absolutely amazing things she discovered. “Anne Marie Higgins, who was married to a judge, bravely shares the hardest details of the loss of her husband as well as the absolutely amazing things she discovered – also brave because this is not something we talk about. A wonderful book for anyone who has lost a loved one or just wonders.”

Must Read! “This incredible story is a must read for anyone who cares for a deeply grieving person whether patient, family member, friend or self. Anne Marie’s sharing from her days and nights with her husband in the ICU to her “Enlightenments” six years later kept this reader taking deep breaths. Some of the exceptional people she gratefully credits with helping her as she moves along her fascinating journey are known to me. Through her I met her even more helpful animal and bird friends. Her openness to accept what they offered and search for more are expressed in beautiful writing. It was almost impossible for me to put this book down.”

An Amazing Glimpse Into What Heals Us In Grief. “A charming glimpse into one woman’s spiritual awakening through the incredible signs given to her by her deceased husband Timmy. As a reader, you walk with her as she encounters the unexplained and attempts to make sense of her journey and allow these signs to heal her grief. This book will no doubt offer hope to the newly bereaved and perhaps provide comfort to those who have witnessed the unexplainable. I warn you, by the time you finish reading the book, you will never look at any animal in quite the same way and you will find yourself craving pasta marinara.”

Love and grief . “Lovely read, a beautiful love story in which love endures through grave illness and even death. Ms Higgins is devastatingly honest as she relates Tim’s rapid illness and death, sharing her emotions during and after, and the hard work of grief. The bond they shared was so strong that Tim was able to help her as she made her way through the darkest parts of her grief. Wonderful and illuminating. Despite the inherent sadness, the author’s style, confidence and even humor make reading this memoir a pleasure.”

-A definite buy and read. “I am a widow of two+ years and deal with many of the same issues the author has worded with such great precision. The beauty and the tenderness in my mental picture of her narrated last goodbye to her husband’s physical person will stay with me forever, along with the hope and resilience of which she writes and her process toward finding her new and different future. It is a read well worth your time and has helped me process my own issues with greater confidence. It would make a great gift also.”

-Riveting beauty. “Each chapter flows into the next in riveting beauty- pain, grief, opening awareness to the universe in so many unexpected ways — Anne Marie’s writing tells her story in ways that will touch everyone’s heart, dreams, and minds in endless ways – her truth rings true – I will gift this book to friends of all ages and life situations.”

-Five Stars. “A beautifully written account of loss and recovery. I found it stunningly honest and moving.”

-Essential reading for anyone who is grieving! “A must read for anyone who has suffered the heartbreak of losing a loved one to death. Anne Marie takes us on an honest and open journey through grief, suffering, and the eventual process of healing. She eloquently writes about the agony and life-changing experience that reflects what many of us have felt, but have never openly expressed. Her memoir is truly a thought provoking work that explores the spiritual realm of the “after-life” in a way that inspires hope, belief in a higher state of existence, and a sense that love itself extends beyond the dimension of earthly time.”

-Brilliant! “A brilliant memoir about bridging realms with those we have lost. Well written and stays with you a long time, creating a new way to look at grieving.”